Clinical Dermatology, 5th edition - Richard B. WellerMD,FRCP
Clinical Dermatology


Clinical Dermatologyis now quarter of a century old, and this fifth edition is the first not to include any of the original authors. Hamish Hunter is one of the two British authors and has an interest in inflammatory dermatoses and the brain–skin axis. Margaret Mann has joined the team as our American author bringing particular expertise in dermatologic surgery and cosmetic dermatology. While the authors may have changed, we hope that the book retains its original feel as an approachable and useful text to the practicing clinician, but underpinned by the science behind the disease. As always we have striven to make the text enjoyable and useful to a wide audience, whether medical students, family doctors or neophyte dermatologists.

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Preface to the Fifth Edition,vii
1 Skin Disease in Perspective, 1
2 The Function and Structure of the Skin, 7
3 Diagnosis of Skin Disorders,30
4 Disorders of Keratinization,45
6 Other Papulosquamous Disorders,68
7 Eczema and Dermatitis,76
8 Reactive Erythemas and Vasculitis,99
9 Bullous Diseases,113
10 Connective Tissue Disorders,126
11 Disorders of Blood Vessels and Lymphatics,140
12 Sebaceous and Sweat Gland Disorders,156
13 Regional Dermatology,171
14 Racial Skin Differences,197
15 The Skin at Different Ages,208
16 Infections,214
17 Infestations,249
18 Skin Reactions to Light,258
19 Disorders of Pigmentation,267
20 Skin Tumours,278
21 The Skin in Systemic Disease,311
22 Cosmetic Dermatology,323
23 The Skin and the Psyche,334
vi Contents
24 Other Genetic Disorders,342
25 Drug Eruptions,351
26 Medical Treatment,359
27 Physical Forms of Treatment,366
28 Dermoscopy,385
Formulary 1: Topical Treatments,397
Formulary 2: Systemic Medication,410

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