MRI in Practice - Fourth Edition
MRI in Practice - Fourth Edition


MRI in Practicehas become one of the bestselling books in its genre. First published in 1993, it was pioneering in that it was written by radiographers rather than physicists or radiologists and it attempted to provide a basic understanding of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) physics to the clinical masses. These MRI practi tioners are not always interested in complex mathematics but just want to know how it essentially ‘ all works ’ and how to manipulate parameters to acquire the best images. When MRI in Practice was first published, it is fair to say that it attracted some criticism, mainly for being too simplistic. However, it quickly became a bestseller and I received many messages from grateful readers who found the book a life saver. Some commented that after reading MRI in Practice, subjects that had eluded them for years were suddenly understandable as though a ‘ light had been switched on in their head ’ .

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