Reference Guide for Eclipse Algorithms
Reference Guide for Eclipse Algorithms


This section provides information on the background knowledge necessary for using the application, who this manual is meant for, and the notation used throughout this manual.

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Chapter 1 Photon Calculation with Pencil
Beam Convolution Algorithm Vol. I: 1-1
Beam Data Measurements for PBC Aigonthm I: 1-5
Generating Configured Beam Data 1:1-26
Dose Calculation with PBC Algorithm I: 1-56
Calculation & Fixed Wedge I: 1-67
Calculation of Motorized Wedge 1:1-67
Calculation of Dynamic Wedge I: 1-68
Calculation of Compensators I: 1-70
Calculation of Patient Model Corrections 1:1-71
Calculation of Field Fluences 1:140
Dose Normalization 1:140
Calculation of Treatment Times I: 1-86
Chapter 2 Anlsotroplc AnalytIcal
Algorithm (A.AA) for Photons Vol. I: 2-1
About the Anisotropic Analytical Algorithm (AAA) I: 2-3
Dose Calculation in the Anisotropic
Ana lylical Algorithm (W) I: 2-5
Configuration of the Aneso4ropic Analytical Algorithm (AAA)l: 2-24
Chapter 3 Electron Monte Carlo (eNC) Algorithm Vol. I: 3-1
About the Electmn Monte Carlo (eMC) Algorithm I: 3-2
Configuration of the eMC Algorithm I: 3-23
Chapter 4 Electron Calculation with
Generalized Gaussian Pencil
Beam Algorithm . . Vol. I: 4—1
About GPB Algorithm T
Configuring Beam Data for GPB Algorithm 1:4-3
Electron Beam Reconstruction Model 1:4-11
Calculation of Fluence in Air 1:4-15
Calculation of Physical Interaction Data
and Gaussian Constants 1:4-16
Calculation of Initial Beam Data 1:4-17
Calculation of Inhomogeneity Correction I: 4-20
Calculation of Normalization I: 4-20
Chapter 5 About the Golden Beam Data Vol. 1: 5-1
Chapter 6 Dose Optimization Algorithms Vol. II: 6-1
Dose Volume Optimizer (DVO) Algorithm II: 6-3
Leaf Motion Calculator (LMC) II: 6-6
System Configuration for Dose Optimization II: 6-20
Chapter 7 Portal Dose Calculation (PDC) Vol. II: 7-1
About PDC (Portal Dose Calculation) II: 7-2
PDG Algorithm II: 7-4
System Configuration Required for IMRT Dosimetry II: 7-8
Chapter 8 Miscellaneous EclIpse Algorithms Vol. III: 8-1
Algorithm for Automatic Image Registration III: 8-2
Volume Interpolation Algorithm for DVH Calculation III: 8-4
Verification of the Effective Depth Ill: 8-7
Dose Data of Large DMLC Fields III: 8-9
Fit-and-Shield AlgorIthm .111. 8-10
Irregular Surface CompensatIon AlgorIthm .111: 8-11
Appendix A Definition of Field Geometry III: A-1
Appendix B Abbreviations III: B-1
Appendix C w2CAD File Format III: C-1
Appendix D Beam Data Measurement Forms Ill: D-1

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